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Keeping Your Workforce Productive

​Pain in the limbs, neck or back are major causes of non-attendance from work.

Employee Health

South Ribble Physiotherapy is able to provide preventative and reactive service so you can keep your employees at work or help workers return quickly after sickness absence. We are passionate about helping employees to better physical health and have achieved this in a variety of businesses and settings since 2008. This ranges from private to public sectors within offices, warehouses, factories, distribution centres, and depots etc.

Early Intervention

Work is good for the health of the working population, yet sickness absence due to common health related conditions remains significantly high in the UK. This cost burden to individuals, employers and society can be avoided with rapid intervention.

Preventative & Reactive

South Ribble Physiotherapy is able to provide preventative and reactive service so you can keep your employees at work or help workers return quickly after sickness absence.

ACPOHE Occupational Physiotherapists typically can produce a return on investment for an organisation of £3 for every £1 spent. All you need to do is look at your sickness related costs (sick pay, bank staff, recruitment, HR costs, and legal, for example) to see that there must be a better alternative.

The Business Case

The research shows that Physiotherapists are ideally skilled to ensure and enable a healthy workforce. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists work with the Government and the NHS and other large employers to find cost effective productivity gains for businesses, you can see the key points of those findings here on the CSP website and below:


cost of sickness absence to economic output annually.


spent on health related state benefits.


of all UK sickness absence is due to work-related MSDs eg. Back pain.


of sickness absence becomes long term and lasts over four weeks.


chance that if absent for six months an individual will be out of work for five years.

9.5 million

working days lost due to work-related MSDs.

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Injury Prevention & Control

We have a systematic mechanism in place that includes various steps of injury prevention and control, including:

Adequate & timely physiotherapy treatment for employees

Workplace-oriented rehabilitation & ergonomic assessments

Education around risk reduction at work

Liaising with Occupational Health teams


Some of the conditions and issues we treat include, and are not limited to:

Back Pain

Reduced Mobility

Sports Injuries

Why Choose South Ribble Physiotherapy

Our Occupational Health Physiotherapy service Team have a wealth of Physiotherapy experience from a variety of settings. We are registered with our governing bodies including the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). 

Examples of our success and the business that  we currently supply a bespoke occupational health physiotherapy service include;  Leyland trucks / Paccar, Dr Oetker, NSG environmental, Sovini Group and the NHS North West Ambulance Service (NWAS). All have received packages of care to meet their specific needs which range from onsite clinics, workplace assessments and reports to remote consultations and training sessions.

Reduced Sickness & Agency Costs

Audits that have taken place at Leyland trucks have shown an average of 2.5 sessions of physiotherapy was all that was required to support and maintain an employer either at work, or return to work sooner than if no intervention had occurred. This has reduced the associated sickness and agency costs for this employer. Our  On-Site Physiotherapy Service communicates closely with the HR and health and safety department, producing reports and assessing work processes when necessary. 

We are always improving and developing our Services in-line with current research and evidence with the aim of becoming one of  the leading Occupational Health Physiotherapy Companies in the UK.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion around your individual workplace occupational health physiotherapy requirements.

The Benefits of Work

South Ribble Physiotherapy is able to provide preventative and reactive service so you can keep your employees at work or help workers return quickly after sickness absence.

Evidence shows that ‘good work’ is good for health.For most people, including those with long term conditions, health can actually be improved by being in work.

We can help you by proactively promoting health and wellbeing in the work environment. This allows workers to avoid sickness and injury as well as the potential secondary health consequences of sickness absence or even unemployment.

What Our Customers Say

This week, for the first time I can remember, I have run without pain during a run or afterwards. I am feeling hopeful that I will finally achieve my goal of completing an ‘official’ half marathon next year


Professional, friendly and helped me significantly with my tail bone pain which I am so grateful.


I went to visit to see an injury that has troubled me for some time. Due to aggravation Phil saw me quickly and was very thorough, knowledgeable and understanding. Great help and quality service.


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